Diary of A panda Eps 8

Warning 18+. See and read stories on sex and school sexuality and sexcapades.
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Diary of A panda Eps 8

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“Guy Hwfa , how yesterday go?” One chubby boy who had an habit of flaunting the things he owned asked in curiosity. Immediately he asked , about six or seven boys drew their chair to where we were sitting . I looked at their eager faces and stretched ears that was waiting to hear about my successful sexcapades with Esther . If only they knew I got drunk and slept my way through and only managed to stagger home . If only they knew the only sexcapades that happened ,even though it was a failed one , happened in my dream . I shrugged off the event . After all,I wasn’t the first person to be alone in a house with a girl and slept on her couch rather than her bed .
“ I kiss her . She sef feel ham. Next thing she start to rub my body and then she just hold my this thing, start to Dey lick am like lollipop ...”. Sharp Guy,Bad Guy, Sense Guy’ rang out from the boys as I fed them the best erotic lies ever. The lies were so good, at a point I started enjoying it . I was so engrossed in the lie as it was painting a fantastic visual impression that I didn’t know , the girl being talked about had taken up a seat adjacent to the desk I was sitting on and was listening with rapt attention to every single untruth I told .
“I kon turn her back, like doggy style, you don watch Spartacus nah. Ehenehen . I just turn her back , just chook prick , naso she shout ,yeeeh! I come ...”. I wasn’t done finishing my sentence when I head a female clearing throat . I looked and to my horror , two steps away from where I was sitting , she was sitting there with fire blazing in her eyes . The guys started giggling naughtily . I was horrified . I wished that the ground could open up and swallow me that moment . She then made a gesture that interpreted “ Get to that Jss1 class right now! “ . I excused the guys and the fools started cheering me like I was going for a sport . Someone started a chant “Round Two, Round Two” and soon enough all the boys joined . I gnashed my teeth in wild anger but there was nothing I could do. I just increased my pace and walked to the bathroom corner where she was already standing. Her face was red from anger.
“ What’s the meaning of this?. Why would you go and lie to the guys that we did something yesterday ?Are you mad or what What sort of rubbish is this ?”. She ranted for about 15 mins or more . All the while , I didn’t say anything. I was too distressed .If she say anything about my supposed failed sexcapades, it would shatter the small reputation I was building already . Not to mention the many schadenfreude in the school.
“ I’m sorry” was all I could mutter. She just looked at me and walked out . We didn’t talk for a while . Then came the day we wrote Biology which was the penultimate paper of the examination . That was the event that made me to taste the forbidden fruits for the first time .
Biology was one of my favorite subject . Even as an Art student , I still scored an A all through my time in school. So it was one of the easy subjects for me to ace whenever and wherever I came across the questions.
Prior to that biology examination day ,the principal had assured the examination candidate that logistics would be made available to us on the day of the examination and had asked us to contribute extra money . Off course , I didn’t contribute . 3k for a whole biology that I use to chew like chewing gum? Not in this world .
The day finally came . Everyone was seated in the hall. Papers had been distributed. The ones that knew something, inclusive me , started writing and drawing and all. The rest were just looking at one another , waiting for the Messianic principal to appear.
20 minutes into the examination , he walked into the hall. His head reflecting the sun and hope . He went straight to the waec invigilator and started talking with her in low tone . The woman made a gesture and shook her head in a “No-Never” manner . The principal started bringing out money and the offerings he had down.
“ I’m a deeper life member and it’s against my faith Mr Effiong “ As soon as the word ‘Deeper life’ was mentioned ,I knew right there that there was no expo that would happen . Deeper life people wey Kala😹. I looked at the dullards. Despair and Hopelessness had set in . I turned to look at my girl , she was already chewing her pen . She looked isolated . I decided to do something . I quickly requested for additional sheet and started scribbling down some answers . When I was done , I rolled it into a jet-like structure and threw it to her side . She took the paper and opened it . Her face shone with hapiness . She looked at me and smiled . I just concluded my own exam and left the hall. That was the second and last paper of the day so there was nothing for me to do anymore . I quickly packed my bags and went home.
Around 10.30pm, while watching television and chatting I got a text from an unknown number . As soon as the text came in, my eyes widened with shock and delight .. The text was simple and short . “Hey baby, Bring a Gold Circle when coming tomorrow .

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