Poetry: Saint and Sinner

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Poetry: Saint and Sinner

Post by Ordeezy » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:39 pm

I have a friend, his name is Tunji
Tunji na fine boy, sexy and tall
Tunji will part the sea of a woman's thighs with his Moses rod
Tunji cannot speak good English, he doesn't know simple calculation
Tunji never studied anatomy to decipher a woman's body from genesis to revelation.
Tunji na bad guy but hates gold diggers
Tunji can unhook a girl's bra with only one finger.
Tunji na honest guy, he never lies and never steals
That was the good thing as for sex, Tunji na king.

Ugochi na fine girl also our choir leader
In school she made cool cash as a stripper
Junior will stand at attention when she takes off her clothes
Her big buttocks go clap like Amber Rose.
In church she sings sweetly with high-pitched suprano
We never knew she practiced deep throat with Pastor Taiwo.
Ugochi that always claimed to be a virgin came with belle to church
We wondered if Jesus came the second time abi na story that touch.
You might wonder what is the moral of the story I just told
Humans are made of two things that you might know
In our soul lies light and darkness
You can't deny, sometimes you experience sanity other times madness
Perfection is an illusion, that's the truth my brothers and sisters
In the heart of everyman lies a saint and a sinner.

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